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Green sprouts growing out from soil in the morning light

Embrace Agroecology , Government Urged

By Martha Leboho

Farmers and Non-governmental organisations has urged gorvenment to embrace agroecology so as to improve diversity in the country.

In conjunction with the gorvenment’s initiative of ‘pfumvudza’ NGO’s and farmers have come up with the a long practised initiative of agroecology to help famers to have a good harvest of diversity crops on a small piece of land.

Shashe block farmers are pinning their hopes on agroecology this season and are hoping that the gorvenment will nationalise the initiative just like ‘Pfumvudza’.

  • Speaking during the look and learn visit at Shashe Block school of Agroecology in Masvingo, Dr Maria Goss a doctor in crop and environmental science with Practical Action hailed agroecology and said gorvenment should also embrace the initiative and also come up with awareness that will educate farmers more on the initiative.
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“The goverment has welcomed us with the National Agriculture Policy of 2019-2030 which supports traditional ways of farming”

“We urge government to embrace this initiative and also come up with awareness campaigns to educate farmers on how to practise agroecology on their respective places using natural resources in their region” said Dr Goss.

Masvingo District Agritex officer Mr Eliphas Mugari said that it is essential for government to come up with a policy that will help in guiding the implementation of agroecology.

“This is an essential initiative and we urge government to come up with a policy that will guide in the implementation of agroecology” said Mr Mugari.

Mr Nelson Mudzingwa a farmer from Shashe hailed the implementation of agroecology and said this initiative will help to improve soil fertility by using local indigenous resources with the help from local researchers.

“If this initiative is implemented by government to be a national farming method it will help to improve soil fertility that will bring a bumper harvest to any farmer”

” The main idea is to use available resources for farming and to protect the available resources that are within the communities” said Mr Mudzingwa.

Shashe Block school of Agroecology started as twelve farmers with 152 hacters , they practise farming of variety small seeds , fruit plantations, fisher and piggery.