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Council To Remove Crops On River Banks

Masvingo Correspondent.

The City Council of Masvingo is set to deploy a team to destroy crops on the River bank of Mucheke River, Mayor Collen Maboke has said.

Moboke is urging residents to move away from prohibited places.

“As Masvingo City council we do not allow residents to farm on River banks we have since warned residents about the River banks and blind corners, those are prohibited for growing crops”

Those who have already planted their crops on said prohibited places should evacuate whilst the rains are still there”said Mabone.

“We are going to deploy a mobile team to destroy crops on places that are prohibited by the Council”he said.

Masvingo United Residents and Rate payers Association Spokesperson Mr Godfrey Mutimba urged residents to desist from ploughing along river beds as this will cause siltation and affect smooth flow of water in Mucheke River.


“We urge residents to desist from ploughing along the river banks because this will affect the smooth flow of water into Mtrikwi our sole city of water.

“some even pollute the river through the use of fertilizers and council should guard against residents who continue to practise agriculture along river banks” said Mutimba.