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DCCs A Litmus Test For Zanu Pf-Rusero

Harare Correspondent

Harare- The just ended chaotic District Coordinating Committees DCCs have been described as a none event and will remain DCC nothing much by political analyst Alexander Rusero.

Rusero said were simply a litmus test by Mnangagwa to ascertain the level of internal democracy in ZANU PF as well as the extent at which he as a person has consolidated power.

“So there isn’t much on them, it is what they are and will remain, DCC nothing much” he said.

Taken seriously, In some provinces there were chaotic and reruns are likely to take place with zanu pf party members urged not to parade internal affairs to the media.

Party president, Emmerson Mnangagwa during the 347th ordinary session at the party’s Headquarters that those aggrived by the outcome should seek recourse through party channels.

Rusero added “There is an organic link between ZANU PF internal democracy and more importantly conduct of internal elections with that of the level of democracy we are at as a country”.

With the effort and resources put in campaigning for positions in the party, the nomination and conducting of the elections was said to be chaotic and unfair in some areas thus seeking for a rerun.

But to what effect?

The internal elections exposed a number of irregularities first by participation of public officers in the DCCs, which is unconstitutional.

Local Authorities contacted for comments in that regard said they are not sure of how to charge their employees as it goes through the Ministry of Local Government on the charge of misconduct.

Legal experts said it was important to note that the professionalalism aspects of which Zim personnel are not best at executing is key because one is a citizen before he or she becomes a public officer.

A number of officers from various ministries participated in the Zanu pf internal elections which raised a lot of questions than answers.

Rusero however responded and said, “It shows you what the priorities of the ruling party are. ” it’s about power consolidation and not democratic consolidation” added Rusero.