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Wekare Releases Her Two Singles

By Martha Leboho

Female gospel artist and multi-award winner Ratidzo Wekare has launched her two singles duped ‘Shumba yaJudha’ collection.

Wekare named the tracks Shumba yaJudah and Munondichengeta, after she realised all the challenges that people went through in the year 2020 due to COVID-19

“I thought we weren’t going to make it in 2020 but i remembered the scriptures that says we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ who is the Lion of the tribe of Judah” she said.

ARTISTS around the world have been affected by the pandemic and it is hard for them to survive a reason for them to find means of survival under the new normal and being innovative.

Covid 19 requires no interfaces yet music industry after compromised by piracy in Zimbabwe only live shows would help artists put food on the table, wakare lamented the Covid period as the difficult time and moments for artists and looking for an innovative digital way of reaching to their market.

“This is a hard time for us as artists because we are not allowed to perfom live shows and thats where we get money for our families and new productions.

“No more live recording for more than three people, its really a sad moment for arts industry, we are hoping that something should be put in place or organise something for artists so that we can get back on our feet again” she added.

Wekare urged artists to remain calm and focused, also to keep beleiving in God in everything.

She got the best Female artist award at the Masvingo Music and Arts Awards in 2018 with singles collection Anondidadisa , Wekare has been receiving airplay from Hevoi FM and most of her songs have been in the Top 10 gospel songs.

The two tracks named Jesu Chikakarara and Munondichengeta were recorded at Analogue studios and Sharp records in Masvingo.