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COVID Vaccine Is Very Safe, Headman Mupambawahle

Manicaland Correspondent

Medical expert and traditional leader Headman Talkmore Mupambawahle of Makoni district has waded into the Covid 19 vaccine debate and urged the nation to embrace the medicine as it is safe for people to prevent themselves from the vicious disease.

Speaking from his London base Headman Mupambawahle who was vaccinated last week poured water on conspiracy theories being peddled on various social media platforms that the Covid 19 jab may not be safe for African people.

A number of leading and influential religious leaders in the country have been on the fore front of discouraging their members and followers not to take the life-saving vaccine.

Zimbabwe is yet to receive its allocation of the vaccine and President Emmerson Mnangagwa said frontline workers especially those in the health sector will be prioritized.

Headman Mupambawahle who is working with Covid 19 patients who are isolating at home and survivors, hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychiatry Nursing, Post Graduate Certificate Behaviour Family Intervention and a Masters Degree in Early Intervention Psychosis.

Close-up medical syringe with a vaccine.

The Headman had his vaccine and said there was nothing to be afraid of because it is something worth having considering the current situation that we are in.

“It is so difficult and the way out is having the vaccine because governments all over the world are encouraging their citizens to have the vaccine.

“It is very important for each and every one of us if presented with that opportunity to take it with both hands.

On top of that we should adhere to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines to maintain social distance, properly wearing of face masks and sanitizing our hands regularly”.

In his plea the traditional leader said the elderly people must be prioritized for vaccination because they are in vulnerable state as compared to young people.

Other countries like Indonesia are vaccinating youths because they are said to be active and with greater chances of spreading the diseases through their social and business networks.

“Vaccination of youths is a way of protecting the elderly as well as the working population” added Headman Mupambawahle.