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Chipinge Man Drinks Poison Over Abuse

By Livingstone Mtetwa

CHIPINGE- Unconscious Sydney Kwazvo (20) was rushed to Chipinge General Hospital after swallowing rat poison over an allerged case of abuse by his grandmother.

It is alleged that around 3pm before he swallowed poison, Kwazvo forwarded a suicidal note to a family friend who then alerted his younger brothers before a search team of 6 embarked on a search.

Sydney was found around 6pm in the Gaza Stadium grounds with a seizure and in a very disturbing condition before being rushed to the hospital where his condition stabilized after 12 hours of medication.

His young brother Liberty Kwazvo (14) confirmed the incident and narrated how it dawned upon Sydney to be their bread winner and later decided to take up his life.

“After the death of our father in 2008 with our mother following in 2016, things took a rough turn as Sydney was slaped with the bread winner’s stick at the age 15 years and had to take care of me and my old brother who is now 17 years,” he said.

The trio stays with their grandmother Egness Manyundwa (72) at her house number 17/537 Gaza high density.
Liberty explained how Kwazvo had been taking care of them through the income from a verandah barber.

“Our brother had opened a barbershop at Manyundwa’s place of residence in which he used the proceeds to fend for us; however our grandmother reported him to the authorities as causing havoc at her place of residence as well as violating lockdown regulations.”

“Kwazvo was then sometime last week arrested, however, freed on an understanding that he was the sole bread winner of his younger brothers who would starve if he was to be locked up,” explained Liberty.

Liberty also explained how their grandmother opposed all efforts of Kwazvo’s genaration of income.

“Manyundwa, on top having forbidden the selling of firewood by Kwazvo at her residence, opposed the reopening of the verandah barber even though the police had permitted Kwazvo to do so without attracting a crowd,” he noted.

“After nearly a month without Sadza and a week without food, i think that is what prompted our brother to opt to commit suicide,” added Liberty.

Efforts to get comment from the grandmother were fruitless as she refused to talk to the media over the case and allegations laid against her.