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Ndini Uyauya Hit Maker Soul Jah Luv Dies

Own Correspondent

Popular Zim dancehall musician, Soul Musaka known as Soul Jah Luv has died at the age of 31.

Musaka is said to have been battling with diabetes for some time and was admitted at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital after he collapsed and confirmed dead upon arrival.

Growing in the high density surbub of Harare, Mbare, Jah Luv became popular with his songs and beats which captured the hearts of many in the ghetto including the old.

“Conquring” Shumba was his known trademark which will be missed by many.

Social media fans, musicians and Zimbabweans around the world mourn Jah Luv with posts on social media sent in his remembrance.

Musaka’s early childhood experience natured him to become the man he was to the time of his death, narrating his background through music and other talkshows, he grew up in unfavorable life conditions.

His song Ndini Uyauya defined part of his background  social life.

Post On Sunday managed to gather comments from music promoters and musicians in Zimbabwe and they are all in mourning of the sad loss in the intertainment industry.

This Publication pass condolences to the Musaka family and may his soul rest in peace