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Wither Zimbabwe. Nhai Mwari

By Dr Raymond Chamba

It is well. The story of Zimbabwe can never be complete without folks realizing at last that when it comes to this amazing nation now pitifully hobbled with ineptitude, administrative indifference, corruption, sanctions and general loss of confidence in our greatness….nomatter what we feel, or think – we are sleeping on, walking on, building on, crying above, shitting on, pissing on what is perhaps the greatest and concentrated mineral field GOD has ever created!!

Wherever you are in Zimbabwe, think deep but dig deeper if you have to….you are standing on WEALTH.

Many people and indices say we are the most literate black people on earth but i dont know about functional and financial literacy.

Otherwise we would not have people from other countries far away mining gold without a license nor any security on the hills of Warren Park and telling everyone in sight that they are mining sand.

You would not have a supposed “brick field” right in Tynwald where some clever folks are mining gold and telling you that they are molding bricks (yes- they make bricks with the soil residue after extracting gold).

All of the city of Harare is a big gold field. We should be expanding potholes instead of patching them up.

They are big tunnels stretching from the Kopje area, skirting National Sports Stadium right through the city center and past Courtney Selous Hotel into State House, Botanic Gardens etal.

Infact if by modern methods technically minable gold is a degree of occurence/proliferation/prevalence of 0,1grams per tonne, then the greatest distance one has to travel before finding gold in Zimbabwe is 4 square metres!!!

If we start exploiting our coal bed methane gas pipelines we would produce more product than Qatar.

Believe it or not we are perhaps not as smart as we think as a nation or perhaps its spiritual ….someone arikutinatirisa nhamo takafuga gumbeze re unnecessary partisan, factional politics that make us give fractional and marginal attention to our great potential and destiny as a people.

The great unfairness of GOD is perhaps seen clearly by how a small tea pot shaped enclave is loaded to no end by fabulous wealth.

The evil of Satan and the Devils reign on earth is perfectly seen by how confused the lot that calls Zimbabwe home is.

All attention is honed in and built into looking outwards and fighting each other endlessly.

The greatest enemy of a Zimbabwean is a Zimbabwean. The greater enemy of all is simply MASS IGNORANCE.