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Man Arrested For Smuggling 16 000 Litres Of Fuel

By Livingstone Mtetwa.

Another In Possession Of 11.3kgs Mbanje.

CHIPINGE- John Madani (41) of 11304 Ruwa, Harare was arrested by the border patrol police in possession of 16 000 litres of diesel he was trying to smuggle from Mozambique into the country along the border ad South down.

Madani is being charged with contravening Section 182 of the Customs and Exercise Act Chapter 23,02.

Timothy Katsande representing the state told the court that the accused person allegedly smuggled the precious commodity through one of many routes which enters the country from the neighbouring Mozambique.

“On February 25, 2021 around 0030 hours the accused person smuggled 16 000 litres of diesel worth ZWL $69 458-00 using a man truck registration number AEZ 2096 from Mozambique into Zimbabwe using the informal crossing point. The accused was then arrested by the boarder patrol police along the border at South down, Chipinge” stated Katsande.


Zimbabwe has several entry points to Mozambique some of which are found in Mashonaland Central, East and that of Manicaland which are more than three, not including illegal routes.

Chipinge Magistrate, Elizabeth Hanzi, denied Madani bail and remanded him in custody to March 1, 2021.

The two also presided over the matter of Tinashe Mugochi (18) of Manzvire village who was found in possession of 11 300 grams of Marijuana (mbanje) at Manzvire business centre along Ngundu-Tanganda High way.

The Police stationed at Chisumbanje apprehended Mukochi at the bus stop waiting to board a lift to an unknown destination.

Magistrate Hanzi heard the matter and remanded Mugochi in custody as he seek the assistance of a lawyer to handle his case.