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By Stephen Ephraem

CHIPINGE: People in the valley of Chipinge, Gowa in Ndau language are under threat of floods which might be caused by overflowing of Save River.

In a statement released by the District Development Coordinator for Chipinge Mr William Mashava revealed that Save River is almost overflowing.

“Please be advised that water levels in the Save River are increasing by the day and the river is now almost overflowing. It is also prudent to note that dams such as Ruti and Rusape are already spilling .

“In view of the above communities in the flood-prone areas of Save Valley are being urged to seek safety at the usual ward based Evacuation Centres while there’s still time.

William Mashava: Chipinge District Development Coordinator

We are therefore kindly requesting everyone to cascade this message to  people in all risky areas so that our people become aware of the impending danger.

“Communities staying in the Changadzi, Tanganda, Dakate, Musvazi and other areas near rivers should stay alert as there might be hit by river backlashes.

“It also advisable for people to desist from crossing flooded rivers and gulleys, so far the district has recorded three (3) deaths after the victims were swept away by flowing rivers/gulleys,” added Mashava.

Ruti dam in Buhera spills into Dewure River which enters into Save River in the world’s largest private wildlife reserve, Save Valley Conservancy.

Yesterday this publication received an arlet sms that a lot of water is being released from Ruti Dam. All the communities downstream Devure river and Save need to be warned as possible river bursts due to the high volumes of water should be expected.

This might not be first time when backlashes from Save River have a negative impact on areas that are found in the valley of Chipinge.

During Cyclone Eline of 2000, backlashes from Save River cut out the Tanganda-Ngundu Highway at Vheneka, some 24km from Checheche and at Konjana about 2km from Checheche towards Chiredzi.

In 2019 during Tropical Cyclone Idai, backlashes also affected Chibuwe and Tongogara Refugee Camp.

Ruti dam is in Buhera demacating Masvingo and Manicaland and people in these areas are advised to stay arlet of the flash floods in the near by areas of the two provinces.