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Fungai Kwaramba of Herald lying for his supper

By Hon Job Sikhala.

MDC Alliance Vice Chairman

It is pathetic for Mnangagwa’s desperate regime to use its spooks to get Fungai Kwaramba at the miserable Herald, the regime’s propaganda mouthpiece, to seek relevance by abusing his neighborhood with me here in Chitungwiza.

It is an outrageous lie that I confirmed his false and stupid claim that I was removed from any MDC-A WhatsApp group by anyone. It’s total hogwash.

For the record, Fungai Kwaramba phoned me late afternoon yesterday using a Whatsapp call and accused me of having dumped him as he was thirsty for beer. I told him that I long stopped drinking alcohol two years ago and that I spend most of my weekends at home with my family. He then asked me why I and others had allegedly been removed from some WhatsApp groups. I told him that I was not aware of any such removal and that in any event I had no time to answer his stupid question because I am in more than 1000 WhatsApp groups; and it did not make sense for him to ask me about my alleged removal from one WhatsApp group, that I was not even aware of. I further explained to him that I actually don’t read messages on many of the WhatsApp groups to which I belong.

Throughout my conversation with him, Fungai Kwaramba pretended to be at his home, chilling out but broke and looking for money from me to buy beer. There was not even a slight hint that he was calling me from Herald House or that he was interviewing me for a news story as a journalist.

For the record, I want to make two points very clear. Firstly, I was not removed from any WhatsApp group and the stories flying around are being created by Mnangagwa’s CIO, their enablers, MDC Alliance haters and enemies of the people who are bent on using intrigue and subterfuge to destroy the movement of the peoe. us.

Secondly, the infighting alleged in the Herald story at the best of Mnangagwa’s CIO is a figment of their desperate imagination. There is no such rift in our ranks that will come their way for their barbaric feasting at State House, like was seen the other day. They must forget it.

These imaginary stories about infighting in the MDC-A are meant to make some of us to lose our focus on the elephant in the room; while demotivating the generality of the people and their resolve to reclaim their freedom from the jaws of Mnangagwa’s dictatorship.

The people are not fools. They know only too well that Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed the nation. His rule is a depiction of Satanism in motion. His only hope now is to brew conflict among ourselves in the MDC Alliance; a conflict which he will never get, even in his wildest dreams. Our focus is on making sure that Mnangagwa’s regime of cruelty comes to an end.

I don’t get moved by those who cross to the devil’s home. The business of the day is to obliterate Mnangagwa’s regime, to stop the suffering of the people. Our hearts and souls are committed to the cause of the people’s project to liberate Zimbabwe. We are one as a team; and our unquestionable faith in the leadership of Advocate Nelson Chamisa and the leadership elected at our Gweru Congress is solid like a rock. We know who our enemy is, and the enemy shall fall.

The Herald may cook a million meals of pathetic and desperate lies; the enemy can engineer desperate defections, but all that will serve to strengthen and embolden us to stand tall and press on with the agenda of the people.

Let it be known, some of us have taken the oath from our mother’s wombs that our daily business is to fight evil. ZANU PF and Emmerson Mnangagwa are today’s evil, and we shall fight that evil until it collapses. Don’t be misled by rifts that exist in the mind of our enemies. While the lunatics enjoy themselves in their self deception about the non existent rifts; one thing whose writing is on the wall is that their days are numbered. They better stop playing games, wake up and smell the coffee.

I thank you. God Bless Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans
Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala
1 March 2021