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Woman Give Birth While Nurses Enjoy Their Lunch

By Laiton Kandawire in Kariba

A Kariba based woman gave birth in the open this afternoon at Nyamhunga Clinic while nurses were having their lunch.

The incident that captured the attention of many, it was a painful and sorrowful moment as the pregnant woman struggled to give birth without any  assistance.

She resorted to help herself outside the clinic.

Health status for both the baby and the mother has not been disclosed to see if there were any complications or effects thereafte

A teacher who arleted staff at the clinic captured a video which has already gone viral, comments from the public point to the behavior and attitude of midwives at government hospitals and clinics.

A slew of allegations are being traded on social media as to why this happened, but our news crew was unable to interview all parties concerned at the time of writing.

The baby was taken inside the health facility for the usual post-delivery care, More details to follow.