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By Obert Siamilandu

As the country prepare for a general election, Kariba Legislator, John Houghton, has urged youths to register to vote in their numbers in 2023.

Houghton told Post On Sunday that,
“Many young people have never known how life can be when everything works and is maintained in good condition, when education is a sure way to a comfortable life.”

“Few will know what they are missing and have grown up in a society where suffering and hardship are the norm and they have come to accept that as their destiny.

Even the film industry in Africa generally depicts hardship  and suffering but movies from more developed countries show that roads are not full of potholes, carriageway markings are good and street lights work, water comes out off the taps and most people have nice comfortable and spacious homes that they don’t have to share with other families,” he said.

Register to Vote

This country has the resources to be able to achieve that development.

Youths should scrutinise the leaders in the political arena, make their choice and vote for them, he added.

“The majority of our population is young and, with the passage of time, the elderly pass away and are replaced by new generations of youths.

The young are our future, they are the ones who will inherit the legacy of the current older generation, of our failure or success.

“Their vote is their voice, let them be heard, let them be heard,”he said.