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Kwekwe Medical Facilities Caught Napping By Indian Variant

By Branton Matondo

The current Indian variant has caused a strain on Kwekwe medical facilities and stuff in, a senior health official said.

Following the death of business mogul Robson R. Kadenhe after having contracted the Indian variant from his granddaughter who was taking up studies in India, Kwekwe has been hit by a 3 week/ 21 day long localised lockdown.

Though much attention seems to be vested on the spread of the Indian variant, a blind eye is being casted on other diseases, says Former Minister of Health Dr Henry Madzorera.

“We saw this in the beginning of Covid 19 last year. People were dying of asthma where medical attendance just looked at you and pronounced that its Covid.

Though there is some little knowledge now about this disease we have to know that medical stuffs are afraid of this disease. Patient assessment has changed and it will never be the same looking at the fact that everyone is grabbed by this Indian Variant handle”, said Dr Madzorera.

The Indian Variant has come in state where the two major medical centers, Kwekwe General Hospital and Silobela District Hospital are grossly incapacitated. The newly renovated Kwekwe Infectious Disease center in Mbizo 3 through the use of devolution funds is expected to cater for city patients.

While the Indian variant here say cases continue to rumour through the Kwekwe streets, Mayor for Kwekwe City Angeline Kasipo said that the available medical structure to cater for infectious diseases is not yet ready for operation.
“The Kwekwe Infectious Disease Center in Mbizo 3 is not yet functional, it is yet to be opened for mass use”, she said.

However, when reached for comment, District Development Coordinator subscribed to the fact that the current lockdown is exceptionally good and it will work its way in fighting the Indian variant.

“Like I said before, the idea is exceptionally good in view of the fact that the covid 19 Indian variant was discovered in Kwekwe district. To contain it and confine it within Kwekwe district a localised lockdown became imperative. Its like quarantining the whole of Kwekwe the same way we quarantine the affected within a district”, said Mr Mupungu.

With quarantining Kwekwe, Mr Mupungu meant following all the stated measures but at the moment, Central Business District market areas are bustling with life from dawn to dusk, ZUPCO buses continue to ferry congested passengers, Mbizo 4 and 2 markets continue to attract many second hand clothing sellers, Mbizo and Kwekwe CBD beer halls continue to bustle with life and even the African Apostolic Movements continue to make their way up and down the mountains.
On record, Dr Henry Madzorera said ,” the current lockdown is nothing but just a church lockdown and a threat to formal churches”.

However people are seen boarding lifts to and from Kwekwe regardless of the said lockdown.