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By Martha Leboho

It will be a thing of the past for Chivi community to walk or travel for hours in search and access for health services in Masvingo as the development for Runesu clinic reach advanced stage.

Chivi South ward 25 community has resolved to work for their own service delivery following the recall of its Member of Parliament, Killer Zivhu.

The community expected the Community Development Fund (CDF) to help them but just like many other constituencies, it is not represented in Parliament and CDF may not find its way down to Chivi.

The ministry of health, ZEC and government have been looking on the best way forward to address issues of by-elections which where stopped due to the pandemic novel Corona Virus.

Post On Sunday managed to interview ward 25 residents and spoke out the hearts to this development as many failed to access health service, let alone pregnant women.

“We are appealing for assistance from well-wishers to build the clinic which is going to serve thousands of villagers” they said.

Ward 25 councilor, Jacob Magando, said the clinic will be a great development for villagers.

“The ground work has been done and approved, we are now commencing the construction of our clinic, and we are appealing for well-wishers to assist in funding this project so that villagers gets a clinic soon”

“This is a great development for villagers , since many have been walking over 15km to Ngundu , Lundi or Neshuro to access health facilities” said Magando.

“Over 200 families have been travelling for hours to access health care and some might have lost lives since they failed to access health facility due to long distances.

The Constitution of Zimbabwe states that every citizen and permanent resident has a right to basic health care services including reproductive health-care services and care for chronic illness” he said.

Efforts to contact the local authority were fruitless as the mobile fone for Chivi Rural District Council was not reachable to find out if they received devolution funds and what they have used the money for.