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Citizens Move in Complementing Zim Government Efforts Against Covid

By Branton Matondo

Having perplexed ideas, human theories and experiences, Zimbabwean are fast coming to reality about Covid-19 and ways of dealing with the Delta Variant.

Councillor Idirashe Dongo, who is responsible for leading ward 30 resettlement area under Zibabwe RDC has led various initiative to hamper covid 19 spread in his ward which has bigger chunk of rural background.

Dongo has propelled vaccine provision to enable safety of ward 30.

Contrary to some religious leaders, who misinformed the public urging then not to accept the vaccine leaders across the devide have managed to educate the public about covid 19.

Dongo urge member of the public to continue exercising extreme caution as vaccination does not make one immune to covid.

“On the 8th of July 2021 we received 100 Doses of Vaccines ( Sinopharm). We had received 90 (30 Sinovac and 60 Sinopharm) doses when the program started and all were finished within 3 Days. The vaccination program in my ward was received well. Information dissemination on our platforms helped a lot. We are looking forward to more doses as the nation is continually receiving more, such that the ward can reach herd immunity,” said Dongo.

Ward 30 was recently hit with 25 confirmed covid cases and Dongo took the initiative of enabling isolation and proper quarantine of the victims.

“It is so unfortunate that we received 25 Cases of Covid 19 infections at Mlezu College. All under control, under isolation, monitored by Mlezu Clinic personal. We have had two funerals in the Ward and we made sure that gatherings were not exceeding 30,” he added.

Zibagwe RDC is close to Kwekwe, first to be places under localised lockdown after being labelled a hotspot in Zimbabwe.

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in Midlands Senator Larry Mavhima while addressing councillors at Zibagwe RDC offices on an devolution fund ceremony in Kwekwe said that everyone should embrace vaccine jabs and he tasked all councillors in attendance to spread the word so as to enliven head immunity.