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ZCC Launches Disability Inclusion Survey

Masvingo Correspondent

The Zimbabwe Council of Churches has launched a disability inclusion to ensure that people with disabilities are included in decision making processes across, Post On Sunday reports .

In an interview with ZCC Masvingo District  Superintendent, Jairon Mafondokoto said that The Disability survey was done as an outcome of our traditional leaders Summit which took place some months ago.

“We are saying, wherever we are weather its a traditional chiefs place, churches or community meetings there must be a an inclusive approach of programs.

We do not want programs that excludes PLWDs because of the facilities that does not allow them to access information that people are sharing at community level” said Mafondokoto.

Disabled Amalgamation Trust (DACT) Director Henry Chivhanga applauded ZCC’s initiative and said, there is need to implement such findings, as it confirmes the dictates as inshrined in the constitution that at all developmental levels persons with disabilities must be involved.

“We agree with the survey findings , but we are worried about the implementation of that requirement since there is no legislation to support that though the Constitution is clear about inclusion of the disabled people, starting from family level.

If we don’t address the issue of inclusion from a rights based issue then we have a big problem , so we are just saying persons with disabilities should be involved economically, socialy and political spheres of our life as this is in line with the rights of persons with disabilities” said Chivhanga.