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Weapon Carrying, A serious Offence, ZRP warns

By Branton Matondo


Due to the incessant rampage of weapon induced violence in Kwekwe and Gokwe Zimbabwe Republic Police has enacted two stringent prohibition orders.


The corrective procedure comes after the loss of lives on a weekly basis in Kwekwe and Gokwe, the worst duo being the recent massacre of six Redcliff residents and the brutally grotesque stabbing of one David Tembo at Dollar Beer hall in Munyati by 7 knife wielding culprits.

Commenting on the direct move to chuck out violence, Midlands Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said that this prohibitive move is centered on minimizing.


“The reason of these prohibition orders is to curb crimes of assaults, robbery, murder, rape and where carrying of weapons may be used in commission of crime.”


Officers Commanding Police Gokwe and Kwekwe Districts officially enacted the prohibition order in motion. Anyone caught carrying machetes, knobkerries, swords, knives, spears or daggers, catapults and other offensives weapons or other traditional weapons in the public will face the law.


On a constitutional basis, the notice is aligned with section 4(1) of the Maintenance of Peace and Order Act Chapter 11:23. The law explicitly state that any person who fails to follow the law will be liable to a fine rendering at level 5 or serve a prison sentence not above 5 months.


“We are appealing to members of the community to comply with the order and to report all those they see in possession of any weapons at their nearest police station.” added Mahoko.


This publication got in touch with senior member from Kwekwe and said that it’s a good call especially on mining towns.

“It’s a worrisome issue because violence has been on the loose. We thank ZRP for such a clarion call and we hope that the prohibition order will go a worth while.”


Another resident from Kwekwe (name withheld) said that more prohibition orders are needed because machete wielding gangs are causing genocides in mining communities and robbery has sharp shooted.


“Knifes and machetes are the most common weapons here in Kwekwe and nearby Gokwe areas. They are being used to rob and commit bad offenses. We call out for the ZRP to keep busy, not to tire because violence these days has become our daily bread.”