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We Want Smart And Sustainable Cities This Rain Season, EMA

By Shingirai Vambe

Unique nature and blessed with the Mediterranean type of Climate, Zimbabweans expect a good farming season though not being spared by the effects of Climate Change.

Various aspects have been highlighted as drivers of Climate Change, deforestation, land degradation through illegal gold panning, destruction of wetlands, cultivation all being human induced activities.

As the country prepares for the summer cropping season, the Environment Management Agency (EMA) has taken up the responsibility of protecting lives, the environment and the ecosystem through stringent measures in gaurd of the unexpected devastating activities by people around the country.

Littering, improper management of waste and cultivating in prohibited areas has been a major issue affecting the health of people and movement of water during rainy season.

EMA spokesperson, Amkela Sidange told Post on Sunday that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that all citizens have access to a clean environment that is not harmful to health in line with section 73 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

EMA spokesperson person, Amkela Sidange

“The 2021-2022 rainy season is fast approaching and this is the time for local authorities to ensure that all storm drains are cleared of waste that could have accumulated in no any other way but littering by citizens” Sidange said.

I proper disposable of waste has been a challenge in most urban setups thus causing flash floods as a result negatively responding to the Sustainable Development Goal number 11.

EMA speaks on the sustainable smart cities and communities that enable the attainment of SDG number 11 through good environmental practices, desisting from illegal environmental activities.

“Proliferation of waste dumps creates favorable breeding ground for diseases causing vectors resulting in disease such as Cholera, Typhoid and Malaria, hence call for local authorities to go all systems out prioritizing the integrity of the environment; and health of the public and avoid unnecessary loss of lives and health care costs” Sidange said.

As the nation looks forward to the the good rains, sustainable agricultural practices will help against siltation of water bodies which were earlier affected on the water levels and quality.

EMA has also challenged seed and fertilizer companies and all farmers to take heed of the call and promote responsible behaviour that embraces the pillars of sustainable development.

Committee Chairperson on Local Government, Miriam Chikukwa told this publication that her committee has moved around the country looking for proper waste dump sites and only 2 local authorities have done well, Kadoma and Norton councils.

“Most Rural and Urban Local Authorities lack proper waste management systems. Separation, collection and disposal of waste should be a top priority of any local authority and EMA should engage, train and and times come up with punitive measures to local authorities failing to adapt to the new normal.