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Copper Cables Thieves Leave Bulawayo Surbub Dark

By Branton Matondo

Residents from the popular residential area of Tshabalala have gone for 7 days without electricity after thieves stole copper cables.

The incident took place on the 23rd of November 2021.

Witnesses from the suburb of Tshabalala said that thieves raced off from the scene after being caught in action. They quickly reached for their vehicles and vacated the scene leaving the cables on the ground. One of the witnesses (name withheld) said that the incident took place at around 2 am.

“Initially I thought maybe they were people trying to break into my car. I got a torch and went outside. I discovered they had actually stepped on my garage roof but it gave in because of their weight because the zinc is now very old, ” said the witness who was shocked while studying in his house.

A report was made to the police but police down played the case citing that it’s not their call but Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA).

Residents from Tshabalala are now desperate as their trip to responsible authorities have yielded nothing.

“The police said that this is a ZESA issue. We have been to ZESA for a countless times but they haven’t come near, ” he added.
Residents from Tshabalala now fear for their lives since the cables have been left open.

“We also fear the worst because we are on the rainy season. My neighbors are now using the back entrance because copper wires are open on the front gate.”

Legislator, Nicola Watson has on several occasions raised the issue before the August House, for the minister of Home Affairs to respond on the government position in addressing the issue and the police intensifying their services so that they can apprehend the culprits and bring the situation to an end.

Efforts to contact ZETDC officials were fruitless.