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By Branton Matondo

The power utility town of Hwange has of late been gripped by fear of vicious underground coal flames that have affected infrastructure and places of populace residents.

This comes after major roads links situated in Hwange have been greatly destroyed by the raging coal fires.

Tarred road that links namely No. 2 (Madumabisa village) and No. 3 (Makwika village) Hwange Colliery Company concessions areas have all been affected grossly.

Hwange Central Legislator, Daniel Molekeli told Post On Sunday that despite efforts by authorities closing and barricading the area, people still find their way to the danger zone, which is ost unfortunate.

Local authorities in Hwange were compelled to pursue countless detours along the affected roads as a way of bringing normalcy to traffic.

The situation is now more cumbersome as the rampage fires seem to be centered on major roads and major railway links.
Residents are now in tantrum fear of being affected directly as the fires have also extended to a nearby school, graveyard and residential area.

Last week a life was lost, the child wanted to to use the bush toilet when she came across her fate.

According to valuable sources the situation is in a dier state and disaster can manifest anytime from now.

Local residents are calling for the authorities to make speedy amends since they are now fearing for their lives.

“This is a ticking time bomb which if addressed soon might be disasterous for us as residents, ” said one of the concerned residents.

Further sources on scene have said that there is an underground coal fire lake which continues to rage closer to human settlement.

“Something should be done urgently such as barricading the area while a permanent solution is being sought, ” said one of the residents.

Though some of the residents are concerned of their lives, some are blaming the mining entity Hwange Colliery for failing to rehabilitate mined areas.

Residents are blaming the mining company for failing to manage already mined areas and the ignorance from engineers.

However, illegal coal dealers ha e been cited as major culprits accessing and trespassing the area, the fence that was put was reportedly stolen and the built wall, bricks were stolen again.

Infrustructer and properties in Hwange sorely belong to the mine, private player have failed to come in to assist due to unwilling tendency by Hwange Colliery.

Resident who spoke to this publication bemoan the current state of Hwange, business and its infrastructure. Hwange has vast pieces of land under utilized belonging to the coal company not benefiting anyone.

A relative example ws given that of Chicken inn deal that never saw the light of the day.