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Mufakose Hit By Flash Floods

By Faith Chimutsa

Harare-Mufakose residents were on Friday night left marooned while their property and houses were destroyed by flash floods.

Families woke up to rising levels of water following incessant rains which started early last week after a lengthy threating dry spell.

Most area and provinces have suffered different types of damages, from crops, shelter and other amenities due to the
heavy rains being experienced across the country, Gokwe, Matebeleland, Mashonaland east being included on the list of affected areas.

Indications are that Mufakose is sit either on the water way and or wet-land
In an interview with one of the residents identified as Cheza, he told this publication that its history, it has never been experienced in Mafakose admitting to shifts in seasons and mismanagement of waste by local authorities for failure
to clear all drainage systems in the area.

This is not mormal for human life, “Kutogarahana iri mumaoko,” said one resident identified as Ruvimbo.

Mufakose has not been spared by allocation of land to home seekers whom some were allocated in wetlands by land
barons and political gig wigs at the same time not constructing required standard structures which are being inspected.