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ZUPCO Bus Driver In Court Over S_ex Scandal

By Livingstone Mtetwa

CHIPINGE- Judah Zvemusha (52) driver of the “Black Power” ZUPCO bus from Chipinge to Kwekwe who was caught in the s_ex act with Dadirai Maphosa (32) girlfriend to Tinashe Sithole (38), appeared before Chipinge Magistrate Court on December 20, 2021 as the complaint of the same matter which the court read as theft.


Prosecutor Chipo Matanga represented the state.


The facts as read in court stated that on November 27, 2021 around 7pm Zvemusha who resides in Kwekwe approached Maphosa’s residence at house number 1201 Gaza Township in the absence of Sithole.


Upon Sithole’s arrival from work to his girlfriend’s house, he met the two in the act. In a bid to avenge anger on Zvemusha, Sithole was overpowered by Zvemusha who evaded the residence in a nudity state with only a vest top on and hid in the nearby bushes until it was safe to walk to the state ZUPCO bus.

Zvemusha later contacted Maphosa for his clothes but he was told they had been torn off by Sithole and the USD$60, the Identity Card and the Drivers Licence he had instructed Maphosa to collect from the pockets was missing to which Zvemusha then instructed Maphosa to report the matter.


Sithole who also stood to answer for the theft accusations pleaded not guilty to the allegations and denied having collected the money as well as the documents from Zvemusha’s pockets as he had no need and use for them.


“The whole issue is glitchy as the money I am being accused of having collected from Zvemusha’s pockets keeps shifting from usd$60 to usd$90 and now usd$170 meaning the whole issue is just one big fabricated lie meant for my demise”, said Sithole.


Presiding magistrate Elizabeth Hanzi remanded the matter to 12 January out of custody.