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Youth To Take Climate Change Head-On

By Steve Ephraem

A call has been made for the young generation to play a major role is curbing climate change in order to secure their future. The call has been made by a Chimanimani based Agricultural Economist, Johnston Ngezimana.


“Climate Change is really and has left many communities, nations and regions on a dark spaced motion about their future due to the extent on which the natural resources are being depleted which is affecting social livelihoods, economic and technology dynamic’s for the nations.

Agricultural Economist Johnston Ngezimana (left) with part of his team on a damaged part of Machongwe environment.

“The youth should not think that climate change will punish the elderly. No. It will punish us as youth since we are the ones who shall inherit the future. So as youth of Manicaland, we are saying to the world, let’s mitigate climate change and also accept adaptive measures to protect our environment,” said Ngezimana.

Ngezimana leads a group of from Chimanimani which has embarked on a mission to educate communities on the need to conserve natural resources in the country. His team comprises of Chipinge and Chimanimani based students from various universities in the country.

“We have made researches on issues that affect communities due to climate change and we are working on giving awareness on effects and mitigation methods to arrest or reduce environmental degradation.


“To reach more people in their homes, we have embarked on the production of a 13 episode documentary television series titled “Climate Change: The Maze.” The series targets all ages and intents to promote dialogue on how Zimbabwe can tackle the issue of climate change.

“The television series intends to help the government on policy formulations after we display all avenues which can be explored to arrest climate change. So as youth, we are happy that we are taking climate change head on. We thank stakeholders who supporting our course and we hope that more people will come and work with us,” added Ngezimana.