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Borehole Water Contaminated By Waste In Harare

By Faith Chimutsa

People residing near Samuriwo shopping center in Mufakose, turned the borehole into dumbing site until the water got contaminated.

The borehole has since been closed due to contamination and residents continue piling waste on the site and The residents Harare City Council has also failed to collect waste resulting in clogging drains across the city.

Netsai Mutetwa a resident in Mufakose has put the blame on City council is not doing its job.

“Residents are not to blame for littering, but the Harare city council said Tapiwa Muchena.

The effect of poor management of waste is seen when water is contaminated with various chemicals, exacerbated by the rains, the chances are high that even other sources besides boreholes have been affected.

The Environmental Management Agency is urging members of the public to disist from throwing way litter at undisgnated points while urging local authorities to quickly address collection, separation and dumping of waste across the country.

Due to Littering diseases like cholera, Malaria and typhoid are always a challenge and Mufakose residents will not be spared if not the whole of Harare.

Meanwhile, Fastjet plane failed to land at Bulawayo Airport due to power outrage. The plane made a U-turn as there was no signal for a proper instructed landing.

Bulawayo Central Legislator, Nicola Watson is on record speaking against vandalism and theft of power cables in Bulawayo.

It is one of the provinces that has suffered a setback over vandalism and theft of copper cables