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Devolution Funds Making A Difference In Zhombe

By Prisca Manyiwa

Zhombe villagers in ward 9, Bharimasvosve have applauded the government for introducing the devolution funds which has helped them achieve their dream of building a school in the area.

Children drowned while crossing rivers to neighbouring schools and some girls were raped whilst walking long distances to school.

Bharimasvosvi school has brought a relief to the community, created employement and safety to children.

Post On Sunday gathered that the local leadership and school authority worked together for the development of the school.

“It has always been our dream as parents to have a school nearby for our children, they used walk long distances to access education to the neighboring schools.

We have cases of girls who were rapped whilst walking to school and others drowned in rivers going to Zhombe Mission or St Faith school which is more than six kilometers away from this area.

Our children were always the least performers in school whilst those who travelled short distances to school attained good grades,” added parents who were exhibiting the school.

“As parents we made arrangement to have an Early Childhood Development learning center here after we had consulted the Roman Catholic to offer us their house as a temporary classroom whilst we were mapping a forward of coming up with a school,” said one Mrs Chirumhanzu.

In addition, School Development Chairperson Alexander Chitope who is spearheading the building project of the school narrated the journey they have walked so far in achieving their dream.

“We started this project as community, we dug toilet pits for free and mould bricks and then our council chipped in our Chief Wait Gwesela donated bricks.

After seeing our efforts and passion for this project, our Legislator Samambwa also donated some bricks for the bricks we built,” said Chitope.

Zibagwe Rural District Council like any other lpcal authority received devolution funds from government and used it towards school development while the community provided labour and bricks.

“We are now able to accommodate children from ECD up to Grade three but it is an ongoing process as we are looking forward to build more classroom blocks and teachers’ cottages,” said councilor Sibanda.