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Kadoma Residents Waiting For EDs Visit

Midlands Correspondent

Kadoma- Eiffel Flats residents are mobilizing each other ahead of the Head of State’s visit to the small gold mining town registering their anger against the company and continuous discomfort at the mine.

The President, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is expected to officiate the opening of a new Biox plant at Cam & Motor, Rio Zim, in Kadoma.

Kadoma ward 15 residents recently lost a case at the High Court where it sort to interdict the company from its operations which they claim are a danger to their lives and their properties.

Having established more than 8 decades ago the mine has grown big and houses which the company sold to mine workers 20-30 years ago are at risk of mining operations being done within the 500m radius and mine expansions.

The High Court application that residents did through the services of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) cited the ongoing blasting, dust and chemicals being used at the mine, as harmful to their health and their lives being at risk with stones coming from the mine each time they blast.

Post On Sunday visited Eiffel Flats and a good number of houses have cracked, left only to collapse and broken holed roof tops of flying stones.

Rio Zim repared few houses and replaced damaged properties due to blasting.

Ward 15 Councilor Ruzariro to Post On Sunday that they have engaged with the company and it was going to develop an area so that they relocate.

“The best thing at the moment is engagement so that the community will benefit considering we have employees who are benefiting from the company.

We have raised our issue with the minister of mines and mining development, since a lot of people here, their lives is in danger there isn’t much regarding the relocation is concerned,” said Ruzariro.

Contacted for comment Minister Chitando neither confirmed nor denied having knowledge of the life pending matter, he did not respond to questions sent on his mobile phone.

Since 2016 Rio Zim has promised Eiffel Flats resident compensation and or relocation that hasn’t materialized yet and they are now living in fear as the mine has tremendously expanded.

Committee chairperson who has been engaging with the company said the Presidential visit came at the right time and having issues to be ironed out, this will be the greatest opportunity for the residents, the minister and the company to map the way forward.

Adding, the Chairperson said the Court outcome was not favorable, human and considerate of the sick, the elderly and children living in fear of collapse and respiratory challenges in life.

Each time the company want to blast, it calls out all residents just in case there is a collapse or a stone that will fly past the roof tops.