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Mutare Messenger of Court Up For Fraud

By Shingirai Vambe

Mutare Messenger of Court Mark Engai Dzobo of 147 Area 7 Dangamvura, has been reported to Bulawayo Central police, criminal investigations department (CID) on fraud charges under IR 3013/22.

Dzobo is said to have asked for a payment of US $100 from the unsuspecting victim and failed to issue a receipt on a civil matter between Mutare based, Kenneth Dumbura and the same victim who resides in Bulawayo.

Dumbura is said to have swindled the victim US $3000 and a default judgment was issued at Bulawayo Magistrate Court leading to attachment of property by Dzobo and his office.

It is alleged Dzobo was seized with the matter and did not execute his duties instead defrauded the victim off her money.

The source said Dzobo called the victim and asked her to pay an extra US $100 so that he goes and attach Dumbura’s property.

The matter was later reported to Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and when called, Dzobo said he does not know the victim. The same response he gave to CID Bulawayo.

It is alleged that the Messenger of Court, Dzobo is working with Dumbura who is also facing other fraud charges against the same victim and the matter is also before the Courts.

This publication is in possession of a confirmation of funds transfer through money transfer agent, Mukuru where a total of $107 was sent to Mark Engai Dzobo NR 75-111766Y75 so he could get the money without any extra charge and the REF number is 65258815 voucher: NNKYTAPT).

According to the source the victim earlier paid money to the messenger of court and it was receipted, then said Dumbura had no property in his name to attach at his offices, and his residential address was not known.

The delays and alleged relationship between Dzobo and the accused, Dumbura led to the application for stay of execution in order to enable and give time to the victim to look for the money, $3000 dollars.