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Mobile Registration Exercise Yielding Results

By Staff Reporter

At least 500000 people countrywide have secured national identity cards under the ongoing Civil Registry department’s mobile exercise.

Civil Registry department employees are visiting every place across the country issuing out the document as well as birth certificates.

According to Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe, the exercise will be on until 30 September.

He said, “Everyone, everywhere across the country eligible to have a national identity card must have it.”

The exercise kicked off on 01 April as a directive from His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa cognisant that it is every Zimbabwean’s human right to have the document.

Speaking to Tafadzwa Nyandoro, Mashonaland Central Provincial Registrar, he said people across the province are coming in their numbers to mobile centres.

“We are actually being overwhelmed by the numbers but, we will definitely serve all.

We have plenty of time to do the work and to revisit some as we close the programme towards September to make sure that everyone will be served.”

He said the largest number of people visiting the mobile centres in Mashonaland Central are seeking birth certificates.

“During the Covid 19 induced curfews, most people could not get birth certificates for their newly born kids.

“These are the people we are mainly serving now,” he added.

Minister Kazembe Kazembe said the exercise is not discriminative in any way, everyone is served un conditionally.

He also urged those who have obtained national identity cards to register to vote, and for ZANU PF.

Voter registration exercise is ongoing country wide and will cease two days after the promulgation of the 2023 Harmonised Elections.