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Government Proud Of Refugee Self-reliance Initiatives

By Steve Ephraem

CHIPINGE: Government is proud of self-reliance projects that are being undertaken by refugees and asylum seekers in Tongogara Refugee Camp, Chipinge.

This came out during a speech by the Minister of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare, Hon Professor Paul Mavima which he gave during the commemoration of the World Refugee Day which took place at Tongogara Refugee Camp in Chipinge on 20 June 2022.

“To date a functional 50 hectare irrigation scheme is benefiting 483 farmers with the other households operating vegetables and flea markets here in Tongogara Refugee Camp. This is the way to go and we will continue to explore other opportunities and expand existing projects.

“The government, with the support of our development partners has created livelihood opportunities and supports self-employment by refugees. Some are operating small grocery shops in Tongogara Refugee Camp while others are involved in empowerment projects such as poultry, fishery, hydroponics and livestock projects,” said Hon Mavima.

The commemoration ran under the theme; “Whoever, Wherever, Whenever Everyone Has the Right to Seek Safety.”

The 2022 theme called upon the community of nations to double their efforts in according refugees and asylum seekers international protection.

Tongogara Refugee Camp is home to 15 151 biometrically registered individuals as of May 2022. These refugees and asylum seekers originate from Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, legislators in Zimbabwe have however bemoaned the current situation in the country’s prison cells.

MPs told Post On Sunday Newspaper that the immigration should have the burden of taking care of all those arrested for being in the country without documentation.

“We are aware, majority who have been arrested were in route from Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe because of its geographic location is a passage to South Africa,” added legislatiors.

Following a visit to various prisons, the Public Accounts Committee members said its expensive to have prisoners without production in the country. they said the immigration department should have its own holding facility and quickly depot those found on the wrong side of the law.

Despite these few issues, globally there are refugee rights and laws should be aligned thus far.