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Political Vultures Hands Off Our Schools

Opinion By Robson Chere

Having noted with great concern , politicians working in cahoots with Ministry officials to introduce a political creature disguised as Trs 4 ED We urge the teachers to disregard , dissaprove and dismiss the abuse of the teacher through the commiserate schemes played by the regime under the guise of such schemes as.

Teachers for Economic Development, like any other worker and progression, teachers should be left free and distant from partisan politics and if they choose to be involved let it be voluntary and outside workbounds. The constitution of Zimbabwe under section 64 and 65 clearly makes a demand for good administrative conduct and that means administrative conduct that free from political intrusion.


The regime has developed a tendency of abusing the education sector over the years. It began with forcing pupils to rallies, using school buses to ferry supporters and school grounds for rallies again. This in and of itself is an abrogation of law and principle which we should stand firm against.


We shall not condone the exploitation of the education sector in doing Zanu PF ‘s commiserate work. The independence and freedom of the teacher should be respected.


What boggles the mind is that the very same system that has created poverty, misery and demeaned our profession is now coming back under the banner of Trs 4 ED .


It is clear that our employer has the means to pay us a living and decent wage that we deserve. We can’t be expected to live on dog’s tax disguised as a salary and then allow the same the same source of problem try to come in dark garments of Trs 4ED pretending to have solutions of our suffering yet we know that their interest is mainly to harvest as little votes as they can from the education sector.






Cde Robson Nikita Chere