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SHE-CATALYST Foundation Commemorates International Day For The Girl Child

By Own Correspondent

SHE-Catalyst foundation (SCF) has joined the rest of the world in commemorating the the international day of the Girl Child under the theme ‘our time is now our rights our future.

The International Day of the girl child is globally celebrated on October 11 October and SCF commemorated the day on October 14 in Beatrice.

The event was attended by more than 150 girls who come across from district having some from Rings, Chiro, Manyochwa, Charter, Gombo, Beatrice and Muda respectively.

“We have managed to make a donation of hygiene packs to the girls which includes reusable pads, pants, towels and lotion.”Said Danielle Zanin, SHE-Catalyst Foundation marketing and Fundraising Manager.

The event saw a number of activities held, which includes debates, educating the girl child about their rights, hygiene and STI’s.

One of the girl child who attended the event was Chenai a teenager from Muda farm. She said the event was so educative.

“I learnt most of my rights through the debates, poems, and discussions which were held during the event. I gained a lot of experience about girl child rights, which l look forward to go and share with some of my school mates, friends and family members who l left at the village.”

Another girl child who attended the event was from Beatrice, Tatenda, she said she would like to thank SHE-Catalist Foundation for the well prepared and organized event which they offered.

“I would like to thank SHE-Catalyst Foundation for choosing to offer a well organized and educative event to myself, friends, and mates. The event had very interesting activities, music, poems, and dramas and all the intertainment which were very educative.

I was also educated from discussions and talks which were done by the members from SHE-Catalyst Foundation, ” added Tatenda.

“I would like to thank SHE-Catalyst Foundation for providing us with sanitary pads which are reusable, as the washable pads last longer.

l come from a poor family, where l can not afford to buy sanitary pads for regular changing, I at times miss classes during my periods as l will be scared of spoiling my uniform and this donation here by SHE-Catalyst Foundation brings the best solution to my problem,” added Tatenda.

According to the study which was recently conducted by fellow stakeholders, 62% of the girls in Beatrice miss school during their menstrual periods, poverty and the are of late recorded high rates of STIs cases among teenagers.