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How To Deal With Wall Gekos & Cockroaches

Mhakwe Heritage Foundation Trust

Wall Gekos and Cockroaches can be a menace in many households.

These are creatures that have posed annoyance to many families across Zimbabwe.

As Mhakwe Heritage Foundation Trust, we advocate for the doing away with chemical to deal with pests in our household and garden and to employ ecologically friendly methods that friendly to our families.


Conventional pesticides have residual effects and can be dangerous to humans and the surrounding environment.


Cockroaches carry bacteria’s on their bodies which can contaminate food as well as areas where food is prepared or where children play.


Mhakwe Heritage Foundation Trust (MHFT) encourages citizens to use culture control in order to promote environmentally friendly methods in dealing with pests in households and garden.


There is a simple traditional way to address the challenge. Take one onion, chop it into small pieces and then mix with soda and water.

The mixture is then placed on corners of the house, kitchen and bathroom.

This cultural method is a environmentally friendly and has no side effects.

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