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Telecel Zimbabwe Introduce Free for five

By Shingirai Vambe

As the year get close to the end, 2023 business prospects are high turning around different business models with new resolutions in the digital and mobile telephone sector in Zimbabwe towards attaining vision 2030.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.

Telecel Zimbabwe has maintained its operations for the past years being the most difficult moments of its entire lifetime. With the quarterly Sector Performance Reports being released by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ), business in the telecoms sector has gone down, this as a reflective sign of challenges of business performance in the country across the board.

All operators recorded losses’ in the previous quarter, and the courage to continue has made Telecel Zimbabwe to come up with a Christmas promotion, starting November 25 2022 to February 28 2023.

Head Marketing, Christopher Rubatika said the promotion aims to reward all Telecel subscribers irrespective of whether they recharge with USD or ZWL dollar. He said for one to qualify he/she is supposed to recharge with USD $5 or ZWL $3000 or more.

“We understand that in Zimbabwe we are using multi-currency and we do not want discriminate anyone hence giving USD and the local currency values. When a person recharge with the above mentioned values, he or she will get 1hr of talk time and 500mbs of data, valid for 5 days, hence the name free for five,” said Rubatika.

Telecel Zimbabwe CEO, Angeline Vere

The CEO, Angeline Vere said the promotion is Telecel way of thanking and rewarding customers for their continued support throughout the year, especially with the current difficult economic conditions obtaining.

“We would like to reward our customers for being so loyal and true to us by giving them something for free whenever they purchase airtime from us this festive season. We have also extended the Christmas promotions to end of February because we understand that after the festive season with schools opening everyone will be financially strained,” added Vere.

Telecel Communications Manager, Farai Katiza, told the Post On Sunday Newspaper that the promotion has been tailor made to match every subscriber’s communications need. She also said once a person recharge with any amount above USD $3 or ZWL $1800 he or she will get free talk time and data as well.

Zimbabwe is one country that is said to have expensive airtime in the region. POTRAZ has since dismissed the claim, saying it is competitively cheaper comparing with other countries in Africa. However, the challenge has been highlighted before, that of current difficult economic conditions obtaining.

Telecel is one of the mobile operators in Zimbabwe with affordable facilities to send or receive money, through Telecash (*888#). The platform also has new interesting features which the company is urging Zimbabweans to try and enjoy.