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Potraz Launch Consumer Satisfaction Survey

By Faith Chimutsa


The giant Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) commissioned a nationwide Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2022 aimed at enhancing customers well-being.

Addressing stakeholders at the launch at POTRAZ headquarters Monday morning, POTRAZ Director General Dr Gift Machengete said the main objective of the survey is to understand how satisfied postal, courier and telecommunications consumers are with the service providers and the Regulator.


Machengete added that it has resulted in the computation of Consumer Satisfaction Indices for the various services that we will use for regulatory interventions aimed at enhancing consumer wellbeing.

“It’s a valuable tool for businesses, helping operators gain a better understanding of customers’ requirements and concerns. It helps to improve customer loyalty and protect revenue and profitability as well as knowing consumers better to effectively communicate with them”, added Machengete.


Consumer Satisfaction Survey is when you ask your customers of their views on issues that indicate how well or badly your company is performing.


Statistics reviewed that there has been an increase in use by cooperates from 38% in 2018 to 60% in 2022.


Machengete said there is no change in the uptake of these services by households. This calls for aggressive strategies to entice households to embrace courier services.Internet/data increased in both urban and rural areas.


“However, household consumers are concerned about connectivity. Network coverage, affordability, and download speed are the top service expectations.

“TelOne is commented for the positive ratings on voice quality and less call dropout frequency. Service provider increased from 53% in 2018 to 70% in 2022 and has witnessed an increase in it’s Consumer Satisfaction Indices amongst others,” said Machengete.

He added that operators are encouraged to revisit their service delivery processes as POTRAZ will be focused on improving compaigns.

“As the regulator we will work more on increasing awareness compaigns through the various channels as recommended. This like other activities, would require close collaboration between sector agencies, and ample support from our stakeholders especially the public, whom we greatly depend on to provide feedback on how we are performing as a sector.” he said.