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Analysis Of Gold Mafia, Part1-3

By Lady Leech in her own capacity

Gold Mafia #3 to me seems tepid hence some people struggled to understand it. Though clearly mainly tailored in invoking emotions in Dubai there is something worth noting to the 2023 voter.

It shows that the Reserve Bank Zimbabwe provided gold exports certificates to legitimize money laundering.

Now if the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, John Panonetsa Mangudya, said there are no sanctions on exports and gold, then why launder? Why send suitcases full of gold through the airport? It’s also worth noting how we have been told by Varakashi that it is not our gold but their gold. Pheeew! Their gold they say. They basically own Zimbabwe & its minerals.

It seems to me that all these operations are not on behalf of Zimbabwe although Zim Institutions are involved. These are the Reserve Bank through fidelity. The operations are on behalf of Simon Rudland , Macmillan and their partners in government. It is totally astounding how Zanu PF pretends to detest White people yet the same White people control this Zanu PF government. Vanhu vemu Zimbabwe ndo vatengesi ava.

As such, Zimbabwe has nothing to gain from Rudland’s & Macmillan’s business. Zimbabwe is losing either way you look at it. There is no business logic, there is no profit for Zimbabwe here. Our country must buy gold from the small scale miners & sell it at a profit or stock it at RBZ to back this currency whose value keeps plummeting. We now have a system where gold is directly bought by these white pple from miners. They then whisk it away with the help of RBZ & Fidelity and sell it in Dubai. The difference, which is the profit that they get is stolen by these cronies & their Zanu PF counterpart running this country. No wonder we hear of a President with over US200 million dollars from his pocket to fund his party’s campaign. It’s a season of madness. Wake up young people. We are also stakeholders in this country.

It appears as if the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is used as a shield for Rudland & these other White people in case they get exposed. Someone in government decided it was good practice to risk the status of the central bank (RBZ) and the country for Rudland & these other White cronies.

This is corruption on an epic scale. Now this has been exposed, all the fire is directed at Zimbabwe and we are made to swallow the bitter pill. We are made aware by a foreign news house why our hospitals have no medicine & why our roads were last made by Smith. This is what Zimbabwe gets for doing business on the black market with dodgy people. To also note that the President does not call a bribe for what it is but a facilitation fee. He takes bribes & calls them facilitation fees! Yes! His ambassador said it. He takes bribes & gives land to these cronies!

There was no need for this dodgy gold trade. It’s unbelievable and unacceptable in all the circumstances.Zimbabwean gold does not need to go to Dubai. The refining that is happening in Dubai to make the gold new can happen in Zimbabwe. Fidelity Printers was designed for that job. Gold trade can be done transparently with China whose demand for gold has grown in the past years.

The documentary shows that Rudland etal essentially dictates to the Zimbabwean government what needs to be done and how it must be done. They conducts discussions with Zimbabwean government in order to secure the help of government structures, customs structures and Reserve Bank structures.

Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, John Mangudya (Photo by Jekesai NJIKIZANA / AFP)

This is not for the benefit of the country but state institutions being deployed to advance an individual’s business.

It would be reckless for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to get penalised or sanctioned for helping Rudland & cronies launder money. RBZ is not a Zanu PF institution. Heads must roll for a country cannot be put in jeopardy by the corrupt decisions of a few. The government must respond to evidence produced showing the Reserve Bank issued certificates to legitimize money laundering. Keeping quiet will be inferred as guilt.

The Zimbabwean government is rotten at the core. They are not fit to govern. They are a disgrace to the country. Let us register to vote & choose new leaders in the coming elections. It is very important to note how young pple have come out in both Zanu PF & CCC internal elections. Let us vote for new leaders and redefine the course of this country. Whether you are in Zanu PF or CCC we need to ensure that Nelson Chamisa takes over as president. A good mix or 50/50 in parliament will keep things in check. Let’s vote for the best MPs & Councillors. Let us then simply change by voting Nelson Chamisa. We are aware & can see how they are endeavouring to postpone elections. Whether they do so or not , let us all seal their fate in the ballot. Remember it’s the President, his cabinet & his old MPs who must go.

This article is written by the Lady Leech. The views expressed belong to her & not the company she works for.