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Crowe Engage NGOs On TAX Compliance

By Staff Reporter.

Harare- Local firm that specialises in tax, audit and advisory, Crowe met with various non-governmental organisations, NGOs at a local hotel in Harare, urging them to be compliant and professional in their day-to-day business activities.

Crowe Zimbabwe is part of an international global accounting network, one of the top 10 global networks in the world, having a license for Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Sudan in partnership with other key counter-parts.

Crowe lead partner, Oliver Mtasa told the Post on Sunday Newspaper that the objective of the workshop was to try and impart knowledge which can help them to be more effective in the work that they are doing to improve systems and processes.

The workshop focused much on the cooperate governance.

“One of the thing we have done is that, we identified sectors we want to specially zero in on and other sectors in general, focusing on listed companies, helping them to be compliant and we have also done forensic audit for few organisations,” said Mtasa.

He added, Crowe’s visibility has increased well and looking forward to engage with local authorities as there are number of issues arising from corporate governance and management of funds from residents.

National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (NANGO) Executive Director, Ernest Nyimai told delegates that there has been challenges with a number NGOs some being CSOs as they operate with shoestring budgets which may not be enough to engage any auditing company.

He also added that some ÑGOs deliberately avoid auditing.

Nyimai added and said there are issues from both ends, and engagements of this nature will help both the private and the public sector to co-exist.
Zimbabwe has had over 100 NGOs operating in various areas affecting people and their livelihoods. The government has moved with speed through the Parliament of Zimbabwe to have the Private Voluntary Organisation Bill passed before elections.

The President, Emmerson Mnangagwa has publicly warned NGOs from diverting from their co-business, rather they should focus on the duties they have listed and submitted when they came and started their operation in the country.

People in marginalised places, women groups and organisations have tremendously done well in the past decade in raising awareness and empowering women and the girl child.

One of the speakers at the workshop, Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe national coordinator Sally Ncube, shared on the wellness and need for those working in the sector to be vigilant and keep watch of their health responding to the demands of their jobs.

The event was sponsored by CABS, Dandemutande, First Mutual Health, NANGO, Intellectual Campus and MEMSHA.