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GO GREEN Young Artist Exhibition Competition On Cards

By Faith Chimutsa

Nhaka Gallery to host GO GREEN Young Artist Exhibition and Competition under the theme Climate Justice and Renewable Energy Solutions from June 24 to August 10 in Harare.

Speaking at the press conference held at the gallery recently, Nhaka Gallery director, Hellen Matsvisi said they have lined up visual artists to take part in the climate change crisis to relay a message in promoting climate justice.

“We are working with young artists to fight ozone layer depletion which has been caused by climate change. This time around, I am calling upon young talented artists to come with their art and we give them space to exhibit”, she said.

The exhibition which is aimed at educating people on how best they can take good care of the environment and recycle resources as part of those measures will have the final selection process of interested artists on June 10.

The online selection has been closed and those who were left out can do the physical selection from 9 am to 3 pm at the gallery. The exhibition is open for interested photographers, sculptors, painters and drawers, among other visual artists.

“We are mainly focused on the visual aspect and art that focuses on the environment. “We came up with this initiative after realising that art can easily pass the message to everyone.

“This will educate both the young and old that it is important to take good care of the environment and also show the consequences of our failures,” she added.

Artists will experience cultural exchange as two Netherlands artists will also take part in the exhibition.

Zimbabwe United Nations Associations environment specialist, Delight Bumhira, who is part of the selection team, said this is an imperative initiative to promote climate justice. She said art can visualise the importance of climate justice in all age groups and marginalised communities as well.

“The scientists have already done their job in informing us about climate change, so it’s now high time we communicate about climate change through visual arts, where artists can have solutions painted or crafted so that others can understand.

“We also realised that those who go to art galleries are the ones who are interested in art so we have decided to take art to institutions and even in the streets where artists can speak on evironmental issues”, she said.

The exhibition is open to visual artists from the age of 18 years and above residing in all provinces of Zimbabwe.