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NetOne Celebrates Father’s Day With A Digital Campaign Winners Braai

By Faith Chimutsa

Fathers are the backbone of the families and society, and their contribution cannot be overstated, echoed NetOne Group Chief Executive Officer Engineer Raphael Mushanawani on the Father’s Day Braai event held for the NetOne’s Father’s Day Digital Campaign winners in Harare on Sunday.

In his remarks, Engineer Mushanawani said fathers must be emulated for the roles they play in shaping the lives of their children and society as a whole.

“At NetOne, we understand the importance of family and the role that fathers play in shaping the lives of their children and society as a whole. They are our first teachers, our role models, and our pillars of strength. They inspire us to be the best version of ourselves and to strive for greatness in everything we do,” said Mushanawani.

“As we celebrate Father’s Day, I would like to express my gratitude to all the fathers who endeavour to provide for their families and create a better future for their children. Your love, guidance, and unwavering support are truly invaluable. As you transform the lives of your families, you transform communities too!”, he added.


At NetOne, they are committed to supporting their employees by providing flexible and family-friendly conditions of service. They understand that work demands sometimes make it challenging to balance family commitments, and they seek to ensure that their employees have the support they need to succeed both at work and at home. It is against this background that NetOne have greater appreciation for the work fathers do in shaping the lives of empowered generations.

“We would like to thank you for your support, and for taking part in the NetOne Digital Father’s Day Campaign held on our Corporate social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter), congratulations to all the winners! This has facilitated an opportunity for us to foster lasting relations and memories. Your support for the NetOne brand is truly humbling and valued. Stay connected on the network,” Mushanawani told the winners.

To the fathers present, NetOne GCEO extended appreciation for the critical role that they play in the society at large. “Your love, support, and guidance does not go unnoticed. Happy Father’s Day to you all,” he said.

Tapiwa Paradza Head Information Technology on behalf of Netone, thanked executive committee members, staff,participants, and winners who made the father’s day Braai competition a grand success. “We are grateful for your unwavering support and dedication to making this event a memorable one”, he said.

“We would like to thank our executive committee members for their guidance and leadership, without which this event would not have been possible.Your vision and support has been instrumental in driving our efforts to organize this competition”, he added.

He also expressed gratitude to all the staff who worked tirelessly to ensure that the competition ran smoothly.” Your commitment to excellence and attention to detail have been remarkable, and we are grateful for your efforts”, Paradza said.

Dr Olivier Gumbo who spoke on the importance of fathers gave a testimony about her father. “You are Professor, you excel them all, these are words that my father prophesied over my life. Fathers are special, I love my father, he is a loving man,” she testified.

“I, however, would like to acknowledge that there are children who do not have the presence of their biological fathers in their lives due to death or divorce. These children can find Godly father figures such as uncles, grandparents and church pastors to play the fatherly role”, she added

Her book entitled Parenting Children of Influence in the Digital Age has a dedicated chapter on the importance of fathers.

In an interview with one of the winners Jerry Nduna,  said he was happy to receive the food hamper and he was going to give it to his mother.

”I am so excited and have something to give to my Father as a present. My father is a man of his words,” he said.


This is a good opportunity. NetOne is saving a crucial role by recognising the head of the family. Finally the event was good Jerry ended