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NetOne Innovating Through Low-Cost, Accessible Digital Solutions

By Faith Chimutsa

NetOne, Zimbabwe’s leading provider of sustainable and inclusive digital solutions, is dedicated to continuously improving and enhancing its offerings for the benefit of its customers tailor made for the customers needs.

In response to customer feedback and pain points, NetOne introduced social media USD bundles and made its Khuluma 24/7 offering available in USD denominations. With the new USD social media bundles, customers can enjoy access to popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

These bundles are attractively priced, ranging from US$1 to US$5, with daily, weekly, and monthly validity periods. Additionally, NetOne’s Khuluma 24/7, known for its affordability, now offers USD denominations ranging from US$0.22 to US$5, catering to various communication needs. NetOne also provides combo bundles under its One Fusion offering, which includes OnNet and OffNet Voice, SMS, Data, WhatsApp, Streaming, and Gaming. These bundles, priced between US$6 and US$12, offer customers comprehensive connectivity options with a monthly validity period.

The company’s innovative approach aims to create value for customers and contribute to the development of communities while transforming lives. NetOne highly values customer feedback and aligns its offerings with market demands. The availability of Mo’gigs USD bundles and Dollar a Day bundles underscores the company’s commitment to providing tailored solutions that meet customer needs. Customers can conveniently purchase NetOne USD airtime and bundles from reputable distribution channels, including shops, Zimpost outlets, and licensed dealers.

In addition, the OneMoney platform allows customers to access affordable USD bundles through a mobile application and the global USSD code *111#. By embracing electronic platforms such as Innbucks, Hot Recharge, and Click & Pay, customers can easily access goods and services on the go, reducing the cost and hassle of traditional methods. NetOne acknowledges the dynamic nature of the telecoms industry, where fluctuations and economic changes can impact operational costs and even influence tariff structures.

However, despite these challenges, NetOne remains committed to providing customers with competitive tariffs without compromising on quality and reliability. The company’s objective is to continually enhance its network infrastructure and deliver superior services to its valued customers. It is important to emphasize that at present, NetOne has not made any tariff hikes. The company seeks to assure its customers that their commitment to providing affordable and accessible communication services remains steadfast. The availability of diverse services and offerings, combined with competitive tariffs and dependable connectivity, demonstrates NetOne’s commitment to meeting customer expectations.

NetOne takes pride in its ability to swiftly adapt and deliver significant services to its clients and communities. By harnessing the power of sustainable and inclusive digital solutions, the company aims to bridge the gap between those with bank accounts and those with OneMoney accounts, achieving meaningful progress in Zimbabwe’s telecommunications landscape.

NetOne remains dedicated to furnishing customers with seamless and affordable communication services. By listening to customer feedback and aligning its offerings with market trends, NetOne strives to go above and beyond in meeting the ever-evolving communication needs of the Zimbabwean community.