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Palestine Women Bear The Brunt Of Israeli Genocide

By Faith Chimutsa

Civic Society Organizations Non-Governmental Organizations and women from different walks of life have come in solidarity with Palestine, and  converged at the Palestinian embassy in Zimbabwe, against the Israel genocide and colonial propaganda by the occupying and criminal apartheid Zionist regime.

Due to the rampant butchery of the Palestinian people in the Gaza state by the Israeli forces Zimbabwe Palestine solidarity council organized the event.

Speaking at the event Palestine ambassador to Zimbabwe Tamer Almassri said as of  now, the death toll has risen to more than 6000 deceased are mainly women and children in this genocide.

He encouraged the international community to act bravely and responsibly in order to put an end to Israel’s destructive war on the Gaza Strip and apply  necessary pressure and guarantee that their people in the Gaza Strip receive all essential humanitarian aid.

“The people of Palestine have for the longest time endured acts of apartheid , segregation, heinous oppression and crimes against humanity at the hands of Israeli under the enabling eye of the international community including the United Nations,” said Tamer Almassri .

It has also been noted that the women are being affected most as they are loosing their husbands and eldest sons in the war leaving them to look after the remaining family members.

Cde Kwanisai Mafa National Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Palestine Solidarity Council said we call upon Zimbabweans, Governments, Students, Labour Movements, International Community and all progressive people around the globe to take action to protect life and stop Israel’s unfolding genocide against 2,3 million Palestinian in Gaza open air prison. We call upon people of the world to urgently act, despite the terrible repression to pressure their governments to end this genocidal complicity .

Like most people worldwide who yearn for a future where justice, freedom, and dignity lay the foundation for real and sustainable peace, we want to see an end to all violence in Palestine. But the very existence of systems of oppression, like settler-colonialism and apartheid, is the initial violence.

“We recognize that international law stipulates that peoples under foreign occupation and colonial regimes have a right to resist by all means, including armed resistance, so long as they do not harm civilians.

“We implore all the masses worldwide to urgently organize and demand that their institutions and elected officials call for immediate humanitarian ceasefire, guaranteed by the UN, immediate entry to Gaza for life-saving humanitarian needs (incl. water, food, fuel, and medicine) and lifting the siege on Gaza, UN protection for the 2.3 million Palestinian civilians in Gaza ,clear condemnation of Israel’s ethnic cleansing, or “second Nakba” plans, a comprehensive military embargo on Israel, as was done to apartheid South Africa and a full and swift investigation by the International Criminal Court into war crimes and crimes against humanity, including the crimes of genocide and apartheid,” added Mafa.