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Talent Chigwanha Launches New Album,Ziso Renyu

By Faith Chimutsa

Hundreds of people, including other gospel musicians walked in full support of the fellow Zim-Gospel musician, Talent Chigwanha on her latest album, “Ziso Renyu” which she launched at Christ Unveiling Church in Harare.

Patience Muchayi ,Roe Makawa ,Try more Bande,Natsai Moyo , Brother Tsungi , Apostle Sambo , Pastor Vhengere,Fellan Chiroodza,Cumi choir , Followers of Christ , Prince Othniel and Peace gospel choir, and many more graced the event.

The album has five songs and she is working on a worship song featuring pastor Josh Kays.

Scores of bidders bought the album with different amounts ranging from US$10 to US$100 and the highest bidder bought the album for US$1 000.

She has worked with numerous artists and producers such as Makumbe Productions and Lingobeats.

“I featured pastor Caster Vhengere,Marlon Shephere and the Followers of Christ and there is also a song which I did with four girls namely Faith, Yolanda, Patience and Lisa”, said Chigwanha.

Chigwanha’s first project , Ndakange ndisipo, was released with a DVD in 2016 then the second titled Nyasha Ndadziwona which was released in 2022.

Speaking with The Post On Sunday news, Chigwanha said she was overwhelmed by the support she received.

She said prior to working on the new album this year she released a single titled Ndichamupa moyo wangu.

“I’m expecting that this album will take me to the next level and it will make history in this music industry,” said Chigwanha.

Talent believes in working hard and her music uplifts the soul.

“The album is already trending and I am happy that I am part of the success story,” she ended.