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ANC dominance under threat

By Own Correspondent

Political stakes have not been so high and volatile in South African politics since its independence from the white criminals. This is the first time the ANC goes into an election terribly out of control. Even the rigging notes and windfall they got from Zanu PF will not alter the impending failure.

There are various marauding demagogues dangling the xenophobic card to befuddle an electorate whose hate is misplaced. At one end is a Pan African young EFF party whose mantra is – Land to black people and black empowerment. While the political pot boils ferociously , the Democratic Alliance emerges in Blue. The less said about these same unrepentant white criminals using our black people for their selfish ends , the better. Finally and most frightening is an ominous Jacob Zuma storm which has formed from Kwazulu Natal and is fast engulfing most parts of the ANC support base. These converging attacks which the playful ANC seem to be oblivious of , have integrated and manifested into a boisterous force which will ring myriad political changes in our neighbour’s system of governance.

The EFF has always emerged as a strong force , improving with each election. Every year that passes , new young voters turn eighteen. It needs no soothsayer to know that a huge chunk of these young voters prefer the EFF to any other political party. It is a radical organisation promising young people ownership of resources. It is an organisation run by young people whose aspirations match those of the novel young voter. It is an organisation whose ideology is the best thing to happen to young people. It is however worthy to note that the EFF may be hard hit by its familial stance towards foreign nationals. It has become every South African’s chorus to ” Blame it on the foreigner “. The firebrand EFF leader has belittled the perception that foreigners are the problem. This may come back to haunt him and his party. Remember its a season of madness!. A day hardly passes without some journalist asking a question on how and when any interviewed party official and his party will build a wall next to the Limpopo river to shut out what they universally call ” the smelly Zimbabweans “.

This political opinion is not centred on the EFF changing the status quo. While the ANC was running a dark country without electricity , its President was caught with millions of US dollars stuffed in his couch. The ordinary South African has been hard hit by fuel and food price increases. Ramaphosa has not provided any panacea to the rigours faced by many. He has wobbled. Instead of solving internal socio-political issues , the ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula and his President have been frequently gallivanting around Zimbabwe.

At a time where building the party’s grassroots was imperative , the ANC Secretary General spent more time playing optics with the callous and illegitimate regime in Harare. This playfulness has allowed a powerful Jacob Zuma to plan and execute. Oh dear! There are politicians who stay in offices , televisions and all sort of media. These are never a threat. They neither create nor foster any relationship with the voter. At most , the voter votes for the party not necessarily them as a person. You then have a Jacob Zuma. This is a man you will find in a shack in some Soweto Township visiting and talking to people. A man who will turn up at a rural funeral and grab a shovel by the graveside.

South Africans came out in their numbers, long queues were seen in most polling station, they wanted to cast their vote, and indeed they voted.

An individual who identifies with the everyday struggles of black people. I have seen Jacob Zuma popping fire crackers with local kids on New Year’s eve! Who does that at his age? That man has his name embedded in these communities. Please ignore him at your own peril. Those of the perception that Jacob Zuma has been in and out of courts more than his own home need to understand one point. Do the ordinary South Africans care that he has battled corruption charges? Do they even believe he is guilty? What I am completely aware of is that his Zulu compatriots see subterfuge. Their assessments point to clandestine political conspiracies meant to tarnish a Zulu man because he is Zulu. I dare say this belief is prevalent in the minds of the electorate.

The ANC faces the most stern test in post independent South Africa. Whilst the party has plodded in its running of affairs , it has also deployed the dumbest individual as Secretary General. In all this quagmire , there is the first real ANC faction being led by Jacob Zuma. A faction which will definitely cause tremors and fissures in the ANC support base. The South African political scenario will be a practical lesson to political scientists. It will be documented as a catalyst in dismantling the so called ” liberation movements ” in Southern Africa. A story of how the ANC failed to garner 50% of the vote for the first time. Tick Tok!!