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Intruders, Buglary or Inside Job?

By Staff Reporter

A series of unusual events has affected the family of Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa, fueling speculation about internal political tensions within the ruling Zanu PF party. However, citizens remain skeptical, believing these incidents aim to divert attention from the upcoming national demonstration on August 17, 2024, ahead of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit in Harare.

The events began with a reported break-in at Deputy Finance Minister Kudakwashe Mnangagwa’s residence, despite robust security measures. Intruders allegedly stole documents and electronic devices and caused property damage. The minister reported strange ceiling sounds, which he asked security to investigate. A fire broke out at the same residence days later, with the cause still unknown.

In another incident, burglars accessed Deputy Minister of Tourism Tongai Mafidi Mnangagwa’s office at the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority House in Harare. Attempts to reach the minister for comment were unsuccessful.

Citizens question the incidents, with many believing they are orchestrated by security details to divert attention from the demonstration. Others see it as a sympathy-seeking attempt to distract from pressing issues. Zimbabweans demand answers and transparency as the political landscape unfolds.

Opposition parties urge SADC to uphold its report on the flawed 2023 election, which they deemed not free, fair, or credible. Citizens plan to protest during the Summit, expressing anger and dissatisfaction with the leadership expected to assume the Community Development chairmanship. The continuous arrest of opposition members, including 78 recently detained by police at Senator Jameson Timba’s residence while planning youth day celebrations, has sparked outrage and raised concerns about constitutional violations.

The police started beating and chasing away demonstrating citizens at Rotten Row Court this morning, today July 10 2024 in Harare, who were singing and asking for the release of the the 78.