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PHAZ Chairman, Timothy Goche. pic By Shingirai Vambe

Private Healthcare Association of Zimbabwe Pushes For Integrated Ecosystem

By Shingirai Vambe

The Private Healthcare Association of Zimbabwe (PHAZ) hosted its highly anticipated annual conference in the picturesque resort city of Victoria Falls, bringing together a diverse group of healthcare professionals from various fields. The event aimed to foster collaboration and drive progress in the country’s private healthcare sector.

As delegates gathered at the conference venue, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation. This year’s theme, “Integrated Private Healthcare Ecosystem,” promised to tackle the most pressing issues in the industry. The conference focused on digitalization, revitalization, staff welfare, and ease of doing business, with thought-provoking discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions.

Edward Chikoto, a renowned expert from Dandemutande, delivered a keynote presentation on ICT securities, data analytics, and solutions. He emphasized the importance of collecting quality data to enhance patient outcomes and highlighted the role of artificial intelligence in improving business efficiency and patient care. Chikoto stressed that reliable internet connection is crucial for data management analytics, enabling healthcare providers to track patient data and streamline services.

The conference explored innovative strategies to digitalize healthcare services, revitalize the healthcare delivery system, prioritize staff welfare, and simplify processes. Delegates engaged in lively discussions, sharing best practices and addressing challenges. The event provided a platform for healthcare professionals to network, explore opportunities for growth and collaboration, and drive meaningful change in Zimbabwe’s private healthcare sector.


Throughout the conference, the emphasis on unity and innovation was palpable. PHAZ urged its members to embrace a more unified approach to service delivery, leveraging the strengths of each stakeholder to create a more efficient and effective healthcare ecosystem. As the conference drew to a close, delegates departed with renewed energy and a shared vision for a transformed private healthcare sector in Zimbabwe.

Representing the minister of health and childcare, Dr douglas Mombeshora, Dr, Hove told the Post on Sunday Newspaper that private healthcare practitioners were playing a pivotal role in serving the country considering challenges that the country is facing in providing adequate healthcare services.

Hove said there is still a huge gap especially with specialists due to skills flight and exodus of doctors and nurses to other countries because of poor working conditions and salaries in Zimbabwe, caused by shortage of foreign currency and sanctions.