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Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinkers Launched

Passmore Makore

Harare- We need to go beyond talking and typing on social media, and start working towards the development of this country, Zimbabwe Institute for Strategic Thinking Executive Director, Tinashe Muzamhindo said during the Launch of their Organisation in Harare yesterday.

“Since time eternal, Zimbabwe has had lucrative blue prints which never came to reality, and as strategic thinkers we should break the circle, engage with key stakeholders and start developing our Zimbabwe”

Muzamhindo further highlighted the need to close the educational gap in the country as the majority of Zimbabweans are academic graduates who continue to work on projects, documents and policies which are being launched everyday but the nation is still grappling from the effects of mismanagement and corruption.

During the launch member of the ZIST, Claris Madhuku said there is an abuse and or lack of appreciation of the Zimbabwean history due to high discrimination levels of the rural and urban setup caused by the poverty and political crisis resulting in having the poor getting more poorer and the rich becoming more richer.

“some will tell you we are from this certain political party, some say they fought the liberation struggle and some even claim the ownership of political formation thus abusing part of the Zimbabwean history leading to leadership crisis” Madhuku said.

The involvement of your thinking is always disqualified due to the fact that you don’t belong to this certain group neither did you participate in any event which is a crisis on its own and ZIST seeks to address all these issue,  added Madhuku.

Identifying oneself with a certain group or sect has made us to be where we are today, he said.

ZIST comprises of individuals from all sectors of life and these include legal practitioners, bankers, civic society groups and bankers, registered as a trust in 2018.

“Let’s avoid too many speeches and launches, we need to get on the ground and apply some strategic thinking on the ground, we have critical sectors of the economy, we should focus on those providing advisory and solution” said Muzamhindo.

Well known banker, Nigel Chanakira officially launched the organisation and said he was there to witness the launch of the registered trust and commission it.

“In commissioning this institute, as I run an institute myself, it creates a fantasy and the reality that m living at the same time. It is a society or organisation that carries a particular work which is scientific or educational character within itself” said Chanakira