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Mozambican President, H.E Filipe Nyusi

More Than 2000 People have Died In Mozambique

Post On Sunday

Mozambique – More than 2000 civilians have so far been killed in Mozambique since 2017 as the port city of Mocimboa da Praia is being held by rebels for a month now.

The Amnesty International in Mozambique is accusing the government forces of brutally attacking both civilians and armed group in an extrajudicial executions.

Zimbabwean President, H.E Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and Mozambican President, H.E Filipe Nyusi

Following a video that went viral on Monday, a naked woman was beaten by a stick and later shot several times with men who were wearing masks and military uniform, an act which has been described as an abuse and violations to human rights.

The continued crisis started in 2017 in the northern Cabo Delgado province bordering Tanzania in the north and security agencies had earlier refuted the claims of killings and abuse by Ahlu Sunnah Jama (ASWJ) group known as followers of prophetic tradition which led to Regional Leaders meet in Mozambique to discuss and map the way forward but no improvement whatsoever.

Sources in Mozambique told Post On Sunday that, “Civil society groups, Community Leaders and Youths are calling on to the  SADC block and the African Union to assist Mozambican nationals who continue to be displaced, harassed and killed everyday and no one has ever been arrested or charged for these atrocities” they said.

It is believed the Mozambican military and police are committing human rights abuses as shown in the video which went viral on Monday but the Mozambican government has denied the accusations.

Meanwhile, Authorities in Mozambique have promised to investigate a video showing people dressed in military uniforms beating people and killing of naked woman in Cabo Delgado province.