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All She Wants is A House, Grobellar

Harare Correspondent

All she want is the house we have built nothing else, recently evicted Ruwa farmer Martin Grobler has said.

Grobler received an unexpected visit last week on Friday, with the sheriff, truck full of armed police officers and the new owner, officer in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement, Ivy Rupandi.

Martin’s wife, Debbie Grobler told Post On Sunday that Rupandi is only interested with the house.

All she want is a house, she has been interested since long ago and we have been winning this matter in court since, last year, she  went through the back door of the court got papers through to the sheriff, but we challenged it at the supreme court and i believe she has tried another tactic again.

Legal advisor representing the evicted farmer, Norman Mugiya also confirmed to this publication that he was puzzled no how the eviction was done in the face of the court order.

“The matter was set for trial and the papers from the registrar where not properly done and the matter was struck off the role on the basis of technicality, without any court order or document, Rupandi approached the Sheriff nicodemusly and the Sheriff evicted Brobellar” Mugiya said.

Grobellar and wife are currently at their daughter’s place while monitoring and removing their property from the farm.

The seizure came at a time when farmers were preparing for the next tobacco planting season and Grobler is likely to face a big lose as he had already prepared his tobacco seed. with over 120 families who where working and earning a living at the farm, they both with their employer face uncertain dire times.

Efforts to get a comment from the minister of Agriculture, Dr Anxious Masuka were fruitless to comment on the ministry and government’s position regarding the seizure as his phone went on unanswered by time of going to print.