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Svitsa Celebrates Love :Nyasha Gurure

By Ronnie Chisamba

The Chief Executive Officer and founder of  Svitsa,the country’s first free online wedding magazine,opened up on the success story behind the establishment on Wednesday evening in Harare.

At an elegant event to celebrate the official launch of the third edition, Gurure introduced her editorial team and expressed her appreciation to family, friends and the cooperate world for the invaluable support.

“Many may misinterpret Svitsa as a individual success story but Svitsa is a team effort.The magazine is meant to celebrate love in a unique African way :a way which accommodates modernity”.

“Svitsa would not be where it is without everyone of you,”said the young entrepreneur.

Established in January  this year ,the magazine is available for free online. The name of the magazine was derived from a Shona ( a common Zezuru dialect ) word which translates to matrimonial dignity.