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Fans Discouraged Me From Quitting: Mathonsi

By Stephen Ephraem

CHIREDZI born firebrand Marhula genre artiste, Peter Mathonsi (nicknamed Dr Nzvedas Kahle Kahle) of Wendlati Sounds who is plying his trade in South Africa has sensationally claimed that fans have discouraged him to quit music recording as per his prior plans.

The Wendlati Sounds leader had planned to hang the strings after releasing two singles named “Nwa Khosa” and “Swilo swa vanhu” in 2019.

“Nwa Khosa” is a tribute to Dr Nzvedas’ grandmother Nwa Khosa who passed 2017 by food poisoning at Maphikule village, Masivamele in Chiredzi South, Zimbabwe. “Swilo swa vanhu” which features former Utakataka Express and refined bassist, Ronnie Mudhindo, is inspired by real life experience when Peter Mathonsi was falsely accused and jailed.

Dr Nzvedas is back in the studios recording a five track album named Munhu wa ntima (Timoti Makondo).

“I am recording 2020 album titled Munhu wa ntima (Timoti Makondo). This is an all Tsonga (Xangani) language project. Songs on the album are title track Timoti Makondo, Uta famba rhini, Mbilu yanga yavava, Bonus, and Zafa,” said Mathonsi.

“Timoti Makondo” is real life experience of a hardworking South African based security manager Timoti Makondo whose relatives are pulling him down in order for him not to succeed such that they even claim that he is their lunch box. “Uta uya rhini” is voice of a man who is asking his woman when she shall depart him for good since the wife always threatens to return to her parents where the couple face challenges but she doesn’t go.

“Mbilu yanga yavava” is about a guy who opts to let go her beautiful lady because of her infidelity. “Bonus” talks about a guy who heads for the remotest part of the country to enjoy his bonus. “Zafa” is a track that preaches unity amongst musicians.
On the album, the 37 year-old Dr Nzvedas Kahle Kahle played lead guitar and was on lead vocals supported by Alex Siyakhanda on bass guitar, Purpose Veyapi on rhythm guitar, session drummers who include Chipinge born Stuart Citro Doba and Mzambiya xa ka Mthangwani on backing vocals.

“We are just doing 5 tracks this time because music is no longer paying but we release just to keep our fans happy. Otherwise, my hardware manufacturing business in Cape Town is keeping busy and is paying.

“The only time we sold our music as Wendlati Sounds was 2009 when we did our first project that we even managed to buy the group’s Ford Bantam which we were using to ferry our music kit,” added Dr Nzvedas.

Peter Mathonsi’s musical journey started music in 2004 when he joined Masvingo army outfit, 4 Lions Band when the group recorded marhula music guru, Josefa Chauke’s album titled Ntwanano Vol 1 – Zaka Jerera. Mathonsi left the army band after his parents resisted his joining a band as a teenager.

He returned to showbiz five years later when he teamed up with his brothers Big Mike and Hardlife “KK”. The trio parted way in 2012 with Big Mike forming Midzhumba ya Africa band and Hardlife forming Chiredzi Stars.

Dr Nzvedas Kahle Kahle has three other studio albums named Murhangi we Ndlela (2009), Nzveda Nzveda (2012) and Ndlela yaVutomi (2016). It’s the third album which made him a household name.

Said Mathonsi, “Khomelela Hloko” from my third and 2016 album was like a national song during public shows and in public transport. It also did well on national broadcaster SABC.”

The soft-spoken singer believes that his magic lies in the humour contained in most of his songs